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Client Satisfaction

Our aim is always a high level of client satisfaction. We aim to provide outstanding results for our clients, not just to meet their expectations, but to exceed them. We value the opinions of our clients and invite client feedback on all our projects. We are committed to always gaining a deeper understanding of the needs of our clients and this has led to positive experiences working with clients through the delivery of high quality services.


Geo-Info conducts their business with honesty and integrity at all times. We have excellent relations with our clients and our suppliers. We recognize the importance of communication and transparency in all business matters and will continue to develop and maintain these crucial relations as we move forward.

Health and Safety

Geo-Info are highly aware of the importance of Health and Safety. Geo-Info is fully committed to its legal and moral health and safety obligations. Our staff are safety conscious and are highly trained in the areas of Health and Safety. To find out more please read our health and safety statement.


Geo-Info are highly committed to Environmental Sustainability. We remain aware of our environmental responsibilities at all times, and ensure that the environmental impact of our business operations remain minimized, and are reduced where possible. To find out more please read our environmental statement.


Geo-Info recognizes that the stability, productivity, growth and success of the company rely on its employees. We create a working environment that encourages initiative and drive and promotes employment satisfaction at work. Geo-Info will continue to provide opportunities for employees to achieve success and recognition through challenging and rewarding project assignments. We will continue to motivate existing employees and to recruit high quality new employees. Geo-Info have recently enrolled as a company in the approved development scheme with the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors.

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