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Conductivity Survey

Geo-Info were commissioned to carry out a conductivity survey within a pre-determined survey area.

Scope of work

The purpose of the survey was to:

Conductivity surveys are used by Geo-Info as an applicable method for finding historic mining activity. They are used to measure the ability of an electrical current to pass through the soil. Conductivity is sensitive to the presence of any metallic and conductive objects.

Benefits of Conductivity Survey

  1. Fast: large, well set out area covered with relative ease
  2. Good in varying ground conditions – grass, woodlands and some rough terrains
  3. Can be used during dry or wet periods
  4. Ground contact is not required


From the conductivity data collected there were no apparent anomalies or features that indicated historic mining activity. The data suggested that the main influence on the survey was the type of material at the surface.

Note: This type of survey has its limitations due to the depth, geological and manmade material which can prohibit desired depth of penetration. The surface water can also influence the readings.

Geo-Info geophysicists are qualified and trained in the use of the geophysical equipment. This training along with relevant experience and the use of industry leading equipment enables Geo-Info to carry out a successful survey of a site using a combination of techniques and software.

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