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Vibration Monitoring

Geo-Info were commissioned to monitor the vibrations during piling activities within a pre-determined survey area.

Scope of work

The purpose of the survey was to:

Geo-Info used Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) to measure the maximum ground particle movement speed.


Overall the recordings >2m display PPV values of limited interferences. The harbour wall displays higher levels than similar distances away from the water front.


Geo-Info geophysicists are qualified and trained in the use of the geophysical equipment. This training along with relevant experience and the use of industry leading equipment enables Geo-Info to carry out a successful survey of a site using a combination of techniques and software. This survey was carried out in accordance with key aspects of the BS ISO 4866:2010 document 'Mechanical vibration and shock. Vibration of fixed structures. Guidelines for the measurement of vibrations and evaluation of their effects on structures’.

It is essential to carry out vibration assessments to ensure compliance with acceptable levels at existing or proposed vibration sensitive sites. The vibration assessment will include:

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