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Utility Mapping

Utility Detection

Our utility detection and mapping surveys at Geo-Info are neither intrusive nor disruptive and can provide accurate underground utility information. We are able to use a range of techniques including GPR and flexi trace to locate buried services including:

The results from utility detection can be provided on comprehensive colour-coded drawings with digital location photographs included. The drawings will have the position of all utilities, any links between them and the depth from the surface. The utilities can also be marked up on site as per the client’s request. The main advantage of utility detection over traditional excavation methods is the potential time and cost savings.

Geo-Info can offer a high precision service for all surveying needs both above and below the ground.

Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR is a non-intrusive technique used to image the subsurface. It works by transmitting an electromagnetic pulse/signal into the ground, and recording the strength and time required for the return of the signals from the various different materials underneath. The information about the signals is collated by the integrated computer and interpreted by our highly qualified Geophysicists at Geo-Info.

Our surveyors adopt a grid system on site and use the leading radars, for example: Mala HDR Pro, to map out the site. The information collected can be reported on site for immediate results but we recommend that it is post processed to give the best interpretation. The frequency is altered depending on requirements for spatial resolution and penetration to depth.

At Geo-Info we offer a full complex 3D view of the site underground as well as simple cross sections showing you any anomalies, which may have been identified throughout the survey.

GPR can be used for:

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