Meadows to George Street


Carry out a BSI PAS128:2014 Utility and Underground Structures and Features Surveys along the extents of Meadows to George Street project in Edinburgh. The purpose for supplying the survey is to provide full details of all underground utility services running throughout the worksite and supply depth below existing ground level of buried bridge arches crowns and determine planar extents of potential sub-surface structures including basements.


Working within any City Centre creates its own challenges in respect of public and vehicular movements. During stakeholder engagement Geo-Info proposed that works would be undertaken on a night shift basis to minimize public interface and disruption to traffic utilizing traffic management. Edin Tram network and Edin City Roads dept required additional involvement and permits.


Works were completed within the specified timescales with Geo-Info facilitating ALL aspects of the project on behalf of the client including liaising with external stakeholders.

Radio Detection was the primary method used for Utility detection alongside GPR for non-conductive services.

GPR was also used as a stand-alone piece of equipment for Basements/Cellars and Sub-surface Structures investigation and Underground Bridge Arches investigation of two structures.


Fully layered and annotated 2D/3D AutoCAD DWG.



Our GPR survey contract went really well, and I would recommend the use of Geo-Info for future work to our clients. David and the team assisted from the outset in advising and drafting a specification for the surveys.

Overall, the contract offered great value and any minor issues or questions were resolved promptly.

Overall, I would highly recommend and thanks again to David for the work.


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