Topographical Surveys

Topographical Surveys

Topographical and site surveys are generally used for planning and designing. They result in the production of maps and/or plans through the utilization of a range of modern techniques including Robotic Total Stations, GPS receivers, and Laser Scanners.

Geo-Info can provide:

  • 2D/3D topographic survey – both detailed and basic depending on requirements
  • Witness diagrams and station descriptions
  • Secure network of survey control stations (beneficial for future work)
  • Cross section surveys
  • Monitoring surveys
  • Full control link to underground mapping surveys and 3D laser scans


BASIC Basic Building, Boundaries, Spot Levels From £350
DETAILED Buildings and structures, boundary details, a grid of levels, ground surfaces, tree positions, drainage details and service cover positions From £500
BESPOKE As per client’s requirements POA


AutoCAD, DXF, DWG, PDF, and 2D / 3D formats

Why trust us with your Projects:
Since our inception, our motto has been to ‘Work with the client’&‘For the client’.
A few things that make us worthy of working with you:
We are an experienced team and are accredited with the best Quality Control certifications like CHAS, ISO 9001, Constructionline Gold and are a member of TSA (The Survey Association).
Standing Out:
Like no other survey company, we listen to our clients & work with them on reducing the costs of their projects by introducing Bespoke surveys.
(If you only need A,B & C factors in a survey, why pay for A-Z? This is where our personalized efforts towards your projects come in)
Investing in our team:
We believe our nation has more than enough talent to get the desired output; hence right from training, recruitment to processing of the work, we continuously update our team with latest know-how & technologies making them the best professionals in the sector.
We are eager to work with you, and it goes without saying that we will try & go out of the way to prioritize work on your projects.
Geographical Reach:
We have our teams based in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Swansea, Cambridgeshire, London & Dublin. With this set-up, we are in a very good position to offer you shorter lead times & localised prices for your projects, anywhere in the UK.

And most importantly ….
We love what we do! Hence, we always under-promise & overdeliver.
The recurrent work we get from our clients, speaks volumes of the Quality of work  we provide.